Danny Schmidt, Producer / Director of Photography

Quick Facts:


  • Nickname: Schmidt
  • Home: Originally from Salt Lake City, currently residing in Fort Collins, Colorado
  • What got you into filmmaking?  My first foray into filmmaking was in high school when my friends and I would shoot and edit skateboard videos.  I will date myself here, but our original editing setup involved two VCRs…
  • How did you first meet Nikki?  I first met Nikki in Bozeman, Montana, when producers Jaime Jacobsen, Charles Dye, and Rick Smith asked me to come run around with Nikki on the trails with my Stedicam.
  • Why did you become involved in Nikki’s Long Trail expedition / the making of the film?  Nikki is an awesome person and I immediately felt that the story had potential.  I really enjoy working wtih Jaime, Rick, and Charles and I was just really stoked that they wanted me to help!
  • Biggest inspiration: My Mom


  • Biggest fear: Awkward social situations
  • Favorite food on a shoot / in the field: Coffee and gummy worms
  • Proudest moment: Turning 30
  • 3 things people should know about you: I wanted to be a professional skateboarder, I love the Utah Jazz, I might be funnier than I look.
  • Ambition / What’s next?  Stay healthy, keep learning, and have a good time.


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