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David Wolfgang-Kimball, Pacer and Support Team Member


Raised in a log cabin on a Colorado mountain, David has always loved nature.  Skiing and running help him take in as much of it as possible, as quickly as possible, although he does stop to smell the foliage occasionally.  You may also find him camping, swimming, cycling, taking pictures, or eating cookies.  David is Nikki’s cousin, and they have been lifelong buddies.  He’s been thrilled to watch Nikki’s relentless progress since childhood, although he occasionally misses holstein-with-rifle biathlon years.  In regular life, David works at UCSF coordinating technology for a set of neuroscience labs, and periodically helps manage really good conferences (previously TED, now EG).

Quick Facts:


  • Nickname/Trail Name:  Cousin, or just Cuz
  • Home:  San Francisco, CA
  • What got you into running?  Crewing for Nikki at Western States 100 over the years
  • How did you first meet Nikki?  Chasing each other around in a sprinkler in our diapers
  • Why did you become involved in Nikki’s Long Trail expedition?  How could I not?!  What a challenge, what an expedition.  And I always love supporting Nikki.
  • Greatest inspirations:  A sunny day.  San Francisco.  Good people who strive.
  • Proudest moment:  Running a successful conference!
  • Biggest fear:  Broccoli, no question.
  • Favorite food on the trail:  Pizza and reject shattered Santa maple candy.
  • Best adventure:  Heli-skiing…it’s just stupidly fantastic.

Danny Schmidt, Producer / Director of Photography

Quick Facts:


  • Nickname: Schmidt
  • Home: Originally from Salt Lake City, currently residing in Fort Collins, Colorado
  • What got you into filmmaking?  My first foray into filmmaking was in high school when my friends and I would shoot and edit skateboard videos.  I will date myself here, but our original editing setup involved two VCRs…
  • How did you first meet Nikki?  I first met Nikki in Bozeman, Montana, when producers Jaime Jacobsen, Charles Dye, and Rick Smith asked me to come run around with Nikki on the trails with my Stedicam.
  • Why did you become involved in Nikki’s Long Trail expedition / the making of the film?  Nikki is an awesome person and I immediately felt that the story had potential.  I really enjoy working wtih Jaime, Rick, and Charles and I was just really stoked that they wanted me to help!
  • Biggest inspiration: My Mom


  • Biggest fear: Awkward social situations
  • Favorite food on a shoot / in the field: Coffee and gummy worms
  • Proudest moment: Turning 30
  • 3 things people should know about you: I wanted to be a professional skateboarder, I love the Utah Jazz, I might be funnier than I look.
  • Ambition / What’s next?  Stay healthy, keep learning, and have a good time.


The film was funded!