Andrea Cady, Doctor, Chef and Support Team Member

Quick Facts:

  • Nickname/Trail Name: Wench. Or little wench.
  • Home: Pittsford, Vermont initially.  Bozeman, Montana now.
  • What got you into running? Runner parents in the 70s.  High school XC running on trails in VT.
  • How did you first meet Nikki?  Our moms taught junior high together and decided we each needed a female friend.  I was 11 and Nikki was 10.  We built a fort in the woods together and she seemed pretty cool.
  • Why did you become involved in Nikki’s Long Trail expedition?  Chance to hang out in the woods and cook and help Nikki.
  • Greatest inspiration: changes month to month.  Right now it’s my love of new soup recipes.
  • Proudest moment: Tuckerman headwall in leather laceup tele boots and wood (3 pin binding) skis, 1995ish.  Followed Nikki up.
  • Biggest fear: same headwall, same trip.
  • Favorite food on the trail: jerky.  Soup’s good, too.
  • Best adventures: life with a poodle, and a boyfriend who taught me how to kayak and mountain bike and dirtbike.
  • 3 Things People Should Know About You: (1) the farthest I think I’ve ever run at once is about 18 miles,  (2) when we used to pretend we were the Beatles when we were 12 Nikki was Ringo and I was George Harrison, and  (3) the most helpful advice I’ve received is “Never criticize your own cooking”.
  • Ambition / What’s Next? Would eventually like to find a job as cook/ physician on a South Pacific dive boat or private yacht.  Anyone hiring?

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