Jenny Pierce, Lead Pacer and Support Team Member

Jenny Pierce grew up in Ronan, Montana, located in northwestern Montana.  She spent her childhood years horseback riding, hiking, and llama packing in the mountains.  More focused athletic endeavors were inspired by not being allowed to play tackle football, which led to Jenny joining the 8th grade cross country team (she was the only member).  Jenny participated in cross country and many sprint and olympic distance triathlons through high school.  After graduation from Montana State University with an Earth Science degree, Jenny and her husband Josh eventually settled in Livingston, Montana.  Jenny is currently a geologist for Stillwater Mining Co. at the East Boulder Mine near McLeod, Montana.

Quick Facts:

  • Home:  Livingston, MT
  • What got you into running?  In 8th grade I came home with the sign-up sheet for tackle football.  My parents said no, so I did cross country instead.  I was the entire middle school cross country team.
  • How did you first meet Nikki?  I was referred to Nikki for physical therapy for an achilles tendon injury that kept me from running for seven years.  She fixed it and we started training together.
  • Why did you become involved in Nikki’s Long Trail expedition?  Nikki is my closest friend and I knew the Long Trail expedition was very important to her and that it was going to be very difficult.  I wanted to help her complete it and be part of the expedition.
  • Greatest inspiration:  Anyone I meet that is pushing themselves to achieve some goal that will make their life better.
  • Proudest moment:  My last race of 2012, Le Grizz in Hungry Horse, Montana. Everything fell into place and I had the most fun/best race to date.
  • Favorite food on the trail:  Bacon
  • 3 Things People Should Know About You: 1.)  I have the fasted known time, 2min. 55sec., for the 69W652+90 slusher stope ladder (~250 vertical feet) at the East Boulder Mine,  2.) I having an operating letterpress shop in my basement which includes two Chandler and Price letterpresses (circa 1899 and 1950ish), many fonts/type cases of lead and wood type, and a motorized paper cutter that scares me because it’s enormous, and  3.)  When my knees no longer want to run, I plan racing rally cars for Subaru.
  • Ambition / What’s Next?  Ambitions for the new year include staying healthy, injury free, and fit so running is fun!!  Upcoming races in the next few months will be ski mountaineering races in Montana and Utah.

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