Tyler Duke, Finding Traction Cinematographer 

Born and raised in Wilson, Wyoming, Tyler has spent his life in the Mountains.  From an early age he traveled throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.  After graduating high school he went on to earn his BA in Media and Theater Arts and then his MFA in Science and Natural History Filmmaking from MSU Bozeman.  While attending school he independently produced two documentary shorts through his company, Stormlight Productions: “To Kill a Wolf” which covered the controversy over the wolf re-introduction in Montana and “Death of the Fishermen” that portrayed the dying salmon fishing communities in Oregon and Washington. “Death of the Fishermen” earned three Telly Awards.  Tyler currently develops and produces compelling broadcast television series and one hour specials for domestic and international distribution. Now with Wit House Productions, he continues to explore the possibilities that lie in the ever expanding realm of new media. His work has appeared on National Geographic International, The Travel Channel, Speed, OLN, Montana PBS and Rush HD.
Quick Facts:
  • Home: Lone Tree, Colorado
  • What got you into filmmaking? Making ski movies with my friends in Jackson, Wyoming.
  • How did you first meet Nikki? I met Nikki in the airport in route to Vermont for her epic journey. 
  • Why did you become involved in the film?  It gave me a chance to reconnect with some filmmakers from grad school and go on an incredible journey both physically and mentally.  
  • Favorite food during field production / in the studio: Coffee
  • Best adventure:  Shooting BASE jumping in Switzerland
  • What’s Next? Continue to pursue adventures and films throughout the world.

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