After we booked our trip to San Francisco, we were delighted to discover that Indiegogo’s headquarters are in town!

Indiegogo is an awesome crowd funding platform where we’ve been able to create a fundraising campaign to tell our story and get the word out about Finding Traction.

The Indiegogo staff has been super supportive of our project and invited us to come visit them at their offices during our trip.  Nikki and Jaime met with several of their campaign managers who specialize in sports and film projects (kudos to David, Steve and Andrew!).  We asked them to share their advice on outreach and promotion and together we brainstormed a number of new ideas to implement during our last two weeks of the campaign.

Here are their top 3 tips for crafting a successful crowd funding campaign:

  • Create a sense of community.  Reach out to current contributors.  These folks (i.e. those of you who are reading this blog post!) are our biggest fans.  Think creatively on ways to involve fans and supporters in shaping the direction of the project and providing feedback.  Embarking on the filmmaking process together is way more fun, and very rewarding.  Films in particular should cultivate conversation and bring diverse stakeholders from the community together to share passions and ideas.  This is why we do what we do!
  • Think of outreach like a spiderweb.  Each strand should extend into many others.  Involve as many individuals, bloggers, organizations, clubs, media outlets, and businesses as you can and encourage everyone to share the project with those they know.  Together we have a great impact and can really spread the word.
  • Create new perks and gifts for the campaign.  This is where the fun begins!  The Finding Traction team is working on that now, so stay tuned for upcoming announcements of new prizes that we’re offering in exchange for your support.
Thanks, Indiegogo, for a wonderful visit!

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The film was funded!