So what does an elite ultra runner do when she’s not out on the trail running races or breaking speed records?  Nikki has an awesome new project in the works: leading trail running and yoga adventures at Molte Yoga Retreats!

Molte Yoga Retreats combine active outdoor pursuits with quieting and empowering time on the yoga mat, connecting the power and grace in nature to that within you.

Nikki is leading two new retreats:

1) The Trail Running 406 Retreat.

Like to run and do yoga but not sure how to integrate the two and reap maximum benefits from both? Then join Nikki in the mountains of southwest Montana to run the trails, soak in the cool waters of the Madison or Gallatin River and spend time on the yoga mat to develop strength, flexibility and balance in body, mind and spirit.

2) The Camp Kimball GoR Fundraiser.

This mother-daughter weekend camp with Nikki is a fundraiser for the Montana Chapter of Girls on the Run (GoR). The weekend is packed with fun activities for mothers and daughters of all ages, including yoga sessions, trail running workshops and motivational talks, outdoor fun, games, gourmet meals and free time to explore, photograph, journal and star gaze.

Come run, relax and meet the star of Finding Traction!




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