Archive for November 5th, 2012

Exciting news!  Finding Traction’s producing team has been hard at work on a new grant application with the Tribeca Film Institute.  We’re applying for funding to wrap up filming and start editing the film.

TFI has announced a new extension of their documentary fund, the TFI/ESPN prize, which will award one annual grant of $30,000 to a feature-length work-in-progress documentary that presents sports, competition and athleticism as a backdrop within a character-driven story.

Projects in consideration for the TFI/ESPN Prize capture the human element of the sports world and bring the dramatic stakes of competitiveness to vivid life. In short, the TFI/ESPN Prize-winning project will strive to change the way people perceive sports.

Sound like us?  We thought so too.

We’ll find out in February 2013 if we get the grant.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!


The film was funded!