Calling all Finding Traction fans! We need your help.  We’ve launched a new crowd funding campaign.  Join us in making Finding Traction happen on Indiegogo!

After a year and a half of filming we are nearing the end of production.  This winter we will start post-production, where we edit the film!  In order to finish the film, we need to raise a large amount of money – over $100,000 – and that’s why we’re approaching our biggest fans and the Indiegogo community for support.  We are asking for $30,000 to help us pay for initial post-production costs while we continue to apply for grants and foundation funding, and bring additional sponsors on board.  With your help we hope to finish the film in Spring 2013.

Nikki is one of the most inspiring women we know.  Her endless courage, tenacity and drive to go after her goals is fascinating and awe-inspiring.  After learning of the role Nikki plays in empowering women and girls to participate in professional sports, her passion for involving youth in athletics, and her quest to promote physical activity as a way to combat America’s obesity epidemic, we decided this was a film we had to make.  This one-hour film will put Nikki’s expedition on the big screen and give viewers an incredible look into the journey of an elite athlete and the little-known world of ultra running.

If you are excited to see the movie, please consider making a small donation to help us finish the film so we can inspire people across the country with Nikki’s story.

Contributions start at just $5!  In exchange for your support, we’re offering a number of cool perks: Finding Traction sticks, autographed DVDs and photos, t-shirts and more!

It’s quick and easy.  Please find our campaign page to learn more.

The trail is long, but with your help we can make it!  Thank you for making this amazing project possible.

Jaime Jacobsen, Finding Traction Producer/Director

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The film was funded!