Update from Friday night:

As of 12midnight, Nikki Kimball was back on the trail, with just 37 miles to go, determined to finish her Long Trail expedition.  She will come in after the men’s record, but is trying to close the gender gap with the women’s.  We’re rooting for her and hoping to see her cross the finish line with her lead pacers, Jenny and Dennis, later today.

We’ll post more updates about Nikki’s expedition and what happened on the trail in the last 48 hours soon…


  1. Heather Linscott on August 18th, 2012

    Nice job Nikki, we are watching you. My friend Phil lives up near the finish and we want to come cheer you on!

  2. Peter on August 19th, 2012

    Way to stay strong, Nikki. You should be very proud.

  3. Harold Anderson on August 20th, 2012

    Nikki, remarkable ,outstanding.

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